We empower YOU with the right communication techniques and YOUR DOG with the understanding and expectations so you can experience peace of mind and a level of freedom that is truly life changing. 

We want you to succeed and trust in our training process. To ensure the most effective and mutually satisfying experience, watch our website videos, read all of our frequently asked questions, get familiar with our services and PREPARE YOURSELF for hard work, consistency, and dedication that you owe to your canine companion. 

No Lazy Owners Welcome!

At your evaluation our trainers will  recommend a training program that will fit your dog and your lifestyle best. We do not give pricing over the phone.

Board & Train

Our Board and Train Programs are a fully immersive lifestyle dog training program, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at our training center. 

Your dog will spend multiple hours per day getting one on one interaction & training from professional dog trainers. 

Dogs will develop a new foundation & state of mind that will make it easy for you to continue the training at your home. The programs are designed to first teach your dog proper behavior, then teach you how to continue training at home with your included private lessons. 

You will see faster results from this training option because your dog learns directly from a canine professional & receives several hours of hands on training each day. 

The Smart K9 Training Center is highly secured and monitored by video surveillance 24/7.  Our training center has fire, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection. 

Because this is the best way for your dog to be trained in most cases, our board and trains are typically booked 2 - 3 months out. 

Schedule your evaluation to get started as quickly as possible. 

  • Two, Three, & Four Week Programs (14 - 28 Days)
  • We focus on our dogs needs first, but here are the fundamentals
  • We do not give pricing over the phone.

  • Communication (Good & No)
  • Sit (Stay)
  • Down (Stay)
  • Climb (Stay)
  • Kennel (Stay)
  • Loose Leash Walking 
  • Coming When called
  • Socialization
  • Behavior issues such as nipping, barking, jumping, separation anxiety, fearfulness, leash reactivity, grooming aggression, resource guarding, etc.

  • Private go home session at time of pick up + 1 private session for each week of training completed. No expiration. We want you and your dog to be successful together. These go-home sessions are where we will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success.
  • Photo updates via social media*
  • Exit Bath*

Exclusivity. After completing our training program, you are apart of the Smart K9 Club where you can enjoy perks that the public does not such as: 

Structured Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Pack Walks, Group Classes, Private Events, & More

One-on-one lessons

In private lessons we can address your dog’s behavioral issues hands-on with the owner during these one-hour sessions. Our trainers will lead by examples and walk you through the steps on training your own dog. 

This program is difficult because you must have a lot of discipline and self control. If you want it to be successful you must provide an in-home boot camp for many weeks until your one- on- one sessions are complete. Many people want to push their dogs to fast straying away from trainer recommendations and they end up take steps in the wrong direction with their dogs. 

  • 3 Puppy Basics $420

One 90 Minute lesson plus Two 1 Hours Lessons.

Intended for puppies 9 - 16 weeks.

Set your new puppy up for success with our 3 lesson puppy basics package. This program will teach you and your pup about pack structure, clear communication, manners, and boundaries. We will also introduce house and crate training. 

Intended for puppies 9 - 16 weeks. 

  • 6 Foundation Lessons $780

One 90 Minute lesson plus Five 1 Hours Lessons.

Intended for dogs any age over 16 weeks.

Intended for dogs with spastic goofball behaviors or unruly dogs who need manners. This program shows dogs how to communicate, teaches their dog that their choices matter, how to properly walk on a loose leash, how to be polite around people, how to focus on you around other dogs, impulse control, kennel training, and much more. This program is not designed for dogs who have serious behavior issues such as high anxiety, severe fear, or aggression of any kind. 

  • 8 Smart K9 Makeover Lessons $1,450

One 90 Minute lesson plus Seven 1 Hours Lessons.

Intended for dogs any age over 16 weeks old who struggle with fear based human aggression, dog reactivity, anxiety, dog aggression, or any dog with a dog bite history. 

This 8 lesson program is designed to allow extra time to guide dogs through behavioral issues without pushing them too soon. Furthermore, the extra lessons give us the opportunity for the exposure therapy that is so critical to the rehabilitation process. During the final lessons we will meet in real world settings such as parks, hardware stores, and coffee shops. 

Each dog is unique. If we expect too much from our dogs before they are ready for a challenge it puts extra stress on the dog that can hinder our relationship and set the dog back. We want to make sure your dog has a solid foundation of trust and clear communication so they are receptive to our guidance when we put them in situations they may struggle with. 

  • Client Exclusive Pricing

One Session: $130

Five Sessions: $600

  • Virtual Video Lessons 

The convenience of your own home 

1 Hour Lesson $85.00

Please schedule out 90 minutes for your first lesson.

Lessons are recorded for your later convenience. 

No in person evaluation required. 

Click "evaluation/contact", Create an online portal being as detailed as possible, click request appointment, and schedule your virtual lesson!


Client Exclusives

Daycare & Boarding


Pack Walks

Group Classes


Discounted Training Prices



Business Consultant: 1 Hour Phone Consultation: $160.00

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