As Behavior Specialists..

we believe

The most important thing that saves the lives of dogs is training.  Whether that is  obedience or behavior rehabilitation, we need to create a healthy relationship between dog and owner.

Our methods are simple, logical, and they work. Once communication & leadership are built, everything will come with far greater ease.

why a behavior SPECIALIST?

A Canine Behavior Specialist is able to assess each dogs individual emotional issues and modify the behavior through reconditioning,  positive, and negative reinforcement. Behavior Specialists are able to read and understand canine behavior beyond public knowledge. 

Behavior Specialists can work with either dogs and owners that have already developed some type of negative behavior or owners who want to work with their young dogs to prevent behavior issues from occurring in the future. They seek to identify and manage the root cause of behavior; kind of like therapists for dogs.

Our Behavior Specialists can also do what a typical Dog Trainer can do, such as teach your dog a new trick or learn reliable obedience!

 As a behavioralist they can help an owner manage and understand behavior issues such as aggression, barking, jumping, digging, anxiety, not coming when called, and more.

All of our programs are structured around communication and leadership first, because no amount of treats or toys can make up for a lack of trust, understanding, or respect. 

Due to the complex nature of the canine mind, we don’t advocate any single training method or tool. Each dog must be evaluated individually before the most effective method can be determined. We have made it our personal responsibility to become familiar with all the varying styles of dog training, which makes us capable of offering the most well-rounded, effective, and versatile programs in North Dakota. 

Our Pack:


Emilee M.

Savanna D.

Emilee M.

Owner & Trainer 

Attended the #1 Professional Dog Training School in the World in 2017. Emilee is now the go-to Trainer for Local Shelters and has over 260 Volunteer Dog Shelter Hours. 

Emilee handles the day to day operations of Smart K9 Training.

Her personal dog is named Finnegan, he is a 1 year old KNPV Belgian Malinois. 

They have earned their AKC TKI, PSA PDC, and are currently training for their IPO BH & PSA 1. 


Lucas L.

Savanna D.

Emilee M.

Training Director

Certified PSA Decoy

Professional, Master, and Scholar Trainer at the #1 Professional Dog Training School in the World. Lucas has raised, trained, titled, and decoyed hundreds of  Working Police K9s, their Handlers, and Personal Protection Dogs. 

He specializes in both creating controlled and dismantling unwanted aggression. He is the first certified Decoy in the state of North Dakota, and his home state of Montana.

His personal dog Jaco is a Devil X Onyx Dutch Shepherd who has earned their AKC TKC, PSA PDC, and are currently training for their PSA 1. 


Savanna D.

Savanna D.

Savanna D.

Kennel Manager

Future Vet Tech

Savanna joined our Team in 2018 as a Kennel Assistant. She became eager to Learn more about Canine Behavior and quickly became promoted to Dog Handler.  Savanna now takes care of all of our Client Exclusive Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming Dogs! 

She has Volunteered for a Local Dog Shelter for over 7 Years and is going to school to be a Veterinary Technician!

Her personal dog is a Shepherd mix named Hercules, they run marathons together!


Jackie H

Allison B.

Allison B.

Office Assistant

Jackie is your first point of contact at Smart K9. She will be the one to answer all of your questions and help get you signed up!

Her dream dog is a Corgi


Allison B.

Allison B.

Allison B.

Kennel Assistant 

Allison is currently attending NDSU to achieve her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, minoring in Zoology. Dogs have always been a passion for Allison as she even has 3 years experience volunteering for a local animal shelter. 

Her personal dog is name Brooks who is a 

basset hound. 


Elly M.

Allison B.

Elly M.

Kennel Assistant 

Elly is client gone team member! She completed 5 private lessons with Smart K9 Training with her personal dog Lacey. 

Elly began her passion by competing in her local 4-H Dog Showmanship and Obedience.

She then went on competing in her first AKC Obedience Trial is 2018 finishing with a near perfect score. 

She has held the title of NDSU Dog Obedience Club Vice President since 2018.