Please make sure to check out our FAQ's, About Us, Services, & Social Media. We want you to be just as excited to work with us as we are with you! 

If you are at that point, please fill make your customer portal and schedule your evaluation via the link below.  

If you still have questions, please email us at:


  • Schedule your evaluation by clicking this link or the button above:
  • Click "Are you a new client?"
  • Fill out your  information and your dogs information 
  • When this is completed, it will bring you to your client portal!
  • Click: "request a reservation" 
  • Click: "request an appointment" under "talk to a trainer"
  • Book your Evaluation on a date and time that works for you!

We do evaluations every Tuesday and Thursday. 

They are 30 minutes and $35.00 paid at time of booking online.

During your evaluation you and your family will: Meet the trainer at our training center, our trainer will meet and evaluate your dog, we will go over your dogs history, talk about your lifestyle, discuss training programs that will work best for YOUR dog, answer any questions you may have, get signed up & hold your training reservation. Please note that if you dog does has behavior issues the evaluation may take longer.